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Competing on visualization


First there was action, then there was data. In a multi-year research program at the University of Gothenburg, funded by major foundations such as Wallenberg and Söderberg, this axiom will be made recursive.

Through linking knowledge from the fields of accounting and information systems, the project will create analytical applications designed to support interactive data visualization and decision making in a select group of large organizations.

The objective is to enhance efficiency and effectiveness through better decisions. Big data will be combined with small, structured with unstructured, the collaborative with the solitary. The project activates a unique collaboration between leading vendors such as SAP, Qlikview and Microsoft, organization such as
SKF, Volvo and Göteborgs Stad, and internationally leading scholars.

Visit the home page for Competing on visualization on http://www.competingonvisualization.com/


Sidansvarig: Markus Hansson|Sidan uppdaterades: 2014-06-04

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